Unitrends Adds New Reporting Tools

Unitrends, the backup and recover appliance provider, has added new tools to track storage inventory and capacity, designed to help administrators to lower their costs by more accurately gauging their system requirements.

The set of free tools provide views of storage, file capacity and utilization. Unitrends reports that these tools help administrators calculate the amount of storage they need to make available for backups and prioritize files that need to be backed up. The tools provide single point-in-time snapshots of storage and files distributed throughout organizations’ datacenters to help determine how much capacity they need and prioritize which files get backed up based on how much storage is available.

There are two separate tools. The Unitrends Backup Capacity Tool that provides the snapshot of all files distributed throughout an organization on both storage systems as well as servers, providing file-level views of data to plan backups. It provides reports for planning, while outlining file usage. The other, is called Unitrends Storage Inventory Tool, provides a view of an organization’s entire storage infrastructure, which the company says offers detailed inventories of storage assets in use and where there are risks of exceeding available capacity.

These new tools include 1GB of centralized storage in the Unitrends cloud, where customers can store critical document.

Unitrends is a fast- growing cost/value provider in the IT protection and disaster recovery industry. Mike Coney is Unitrends CEO. www.unitrends.com


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